Rascoon Ju 



Pillowtalk`s Commander

MCO n 09


Elphinstone Pushkin

black white

Ch Justcoons Peak Asso

brown classic tabby

Vens Passion Kaiser Barbarosa

red silver classic tabby

Justcoons Ode to Elize

black white

Elphinstone Heaven

brown classic tabby white

Pirat Black od Vajgaru*CZ

black silver classic tabby

Pillowtalk's Jambalaya

blue classic tabby white

Pillowtalk´s Tara Lynn

brown  torbie

Cool Motion´s Angel Sky


Pillowtalk´s Xtro Energy

brown classic tabby 

Timberhills Chelsea 

black  tortie

Pillowtalk´s United Colour

brown classic torbie

Cool Motion´s Chipsy

brown classic tabby white 

Pillowtalk's Velvet

blue classic torbie

LongTips Altziona

MCO f 22 

Favorite Angel Oxford

MCO d 09 22

Golden Soul Sherchan

MCO d 22

WCh Dynamitcats Snow Survivor

MCO w 62

Lights of Moscow Vivien Lee

MCO d 03 22

Moscow Star`s Lady Winter

MCO f 03 22

ECh Gentle Giant`s Dizzi Rapture

MCO n 23

GICh Golden Soul Camomile

MCO d 23 03

Gamma Long Meadow

MCO f 09 22

Ch Coolmotion`s Amarango


Pillowtalk`s Xtro Energie

MCO n 22

Timberhills Chelsea


Baila Long Meadow

MCO f 09 24

ICh La-Mansh Krasnyj Dar

MCO d 23 09

Ch Coolmotion`s Naomi

MCO n 22


MCO d 22 09

Rascoon Juliy


MCO d 22

Rascoon Jupiter


MCO f 22

Rascoon Jurga